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We ‘R’ Done

Beginning January 1, 2022, MARC underwent a transformation and began operating as Spectrum of Solutions. This was after much deliberation and thought with MARC’s Board of Directors and Executive Staff. MARC’s leadership came to the decision that change must be made. In the early 2000s, MARC decided to abbreviate its original name from ” Midland Association for Retarded Citizens” to simply MARC. While the letters in MARC no longer represented any other meaning, the R-word connotation still lingered. MARC acknowledged the damage and hurt that accompanies the R-word and decided to remedy this situation. You might ask, what’s the big deal with the R-word anyways? Simply put, the R-word is an R-slur. Originally used as a medical term in 1969, this term is obsolete. In 2010, President Barack Obama signed “Rosa’s Law”, which changed “mental retardation” to “intellectual disability” in U.S. federal law. Not only is this term outdated, but it is also most often used to spread hate. According to a 2-year study conducted by Kantar, out of nearly 50 million social posts, over 2/3 of posts regarding individuals with IDD were negative, and nearly 29 million contained slurs, such as the R-word. To take the necessary steps in changing the conversation surrounding these individuals, MARC became Spectrum of Solutions. We believe every individual with IDD deserves to be valued, respected, and accepted by their peers and in their community. Join us as we move forward in treating all individuals with IDD with kindness and dignity.


Spectrum of Solutions

State and Federal Funding

Without increased state and federal funding, our organization cannot keep up with inflation. The cost to retain staff and provide supplies for our homes has reached a dire level.

The current state of unrealistic compensation rates we receive directly harms the IDD community. Midland, will you reach out to Rep. Tom Craddick, Senator Kevin Sparks, and our future Senator Kevin Sparks (to take office in January) about these challenges?

To easily contact each decision maker, use the buttons below, where you will also find example text you can copy and paste to get your message started. Our organization needs your advocacy more than ever, Midland!

Get your message started by copying and pasting the text below to your email body:

Hello, my name is NAME. I am writing to you to express my concern for the lack of realistic state and federal funding organizations that support the IDD community receive. With soaring inflation, these providers are unable to retain staff and purchase supplies they desperately need to care for intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals in our Midland area. As a decision maker, I ask that you take action now before it is too late and organizations like Spectrum of Solutions have to turn away residents due to lack of staff or supplies.


ICF and HCS Programs

The Senate Finance Committee will be meeting beginning February 1st for budgeting. They will begin receiving public testimony on February 2nd. If you are going to be in Austin that week, I encourage you to register to provide testimony on our behalf. If you are not, I kindly ask that you submit written testimony to Senator Kevin Sparks regarding the inadequate reimbursement for our ICF and HCS programs. His contact information can be found here: The Texas State Senate – Senator Kevin Sparks: District 31It is best to send written testimony and ask him to provide it to the Senate Finance Committee for his constituents.

  • $8.11 is not adequate to pay for staff. I need $15.
  • The Permian Basin has a higher cost of living than other parts of the state.
  • McDonald’s, Chic fil A, Hobby Lobby, etc., are paying $15-$19 per hour.
  • I have a 50% deficit in staffing, risking the care of the individuals I support.
  • Our community is having to help meet the monetary deficit to help us pay a fair wage.
  • Tell how you are associated with Spectrum of Solutions.

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